One time leader of the Vale Thieves Guild


Before the war Raven ran the very successful and powerful thieves guild operating out of the Vale. He had a brief affair with Lady Samantha which Lord Brandon discovered during the early years of the war.

Lady Samantha was able to negotiate a truce between Brandon and Raven which resulted in the exile of Raven, and a war time alliance between Raven’s Guild and Lord Brandon’s forces. The truce required that if any ill should befall Raven, Samantha or Brandon at the hands of the other party then the debt would be repaid in kind.

After Lady Samantha’s poisoning it was discovered that Raven lay in a deep magical coma in the ruins of his keep in the village of Kleine. After providing our heroes with and antidote that he promised would wake Samantha, Raven departed to seek revenge on those he thinks might have cursed him.


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