In the year 1015 the Goblinoid and Orc races of the North began their conquest of the Vale of Eréch. The war raged for nearly 10 years! In the end the Lordships of men prevailed. The colonies had united, despite a lack of assistance from His Majesty – The King Over Sea.

No one was untouched by the war. No one race escaped the crashing iron wave of the Orc army. As in all wars good men were lost, but heroes were made.

This is where you join the story, or to be more precise rejoin it. Like nearly everyone you fought in the Great War and served under Lord Brandon Eréch. Regardless of how you came to the field, you accomplished something heroic during the Great War. When the war ended you embarked on a new journey following no orders but your own. This time of wanderlust was too brief, and you are needed again.

Lord Brandon has called you to his court.

The Vale of Eréch

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