The Vale of Eréch

The Feathered Crossing

After befriending the captain of the Vale guard, and shaking down one of his informants, our heroes found the location of one of Raven’s guild hideouts – The Feathered Crossing tavern.

Our heroes arrived and interrupted (at sword point) some sort of barter between a Dragonborn (Kreel) and the barkeep. In the store room below the tavern they found a secret entrance to the sewers. There they were faced by a very formidable Kobold (Mort the Kobold) and an deadly pendulum scythe trap.

Lord Brandon's Court

A small group of veterans and adventurers have been summoned to Lord Brandon’s Court*. There they won the favor and trust of the Court and Brandon revealed to them their charge—to liberate the colonies from The King Over Sea! All of our heroes gladly excepted, save one.

Biffendane expressed that he was always ready for a fight (and profit). Karres spoke true the words of her goddesses, “All things must end”. Suul’rach simply growled his consent and smiled grimly for the chance to avenge his race.

Sirannon, however, did not wish to risk plunging his people into another brutal war. He would not bring the wrath of the King Over Sea on his people.

The next day during a small and private feast held in their honor Lady Samantha Eréch was poisoned! Lord Brandon’s servant Steward Kinsley was actually a doppleganger who lead a group of assassin’s in an attack on the Brandon’s castle.

Our heroes made short work of the would be assassin’s in a bloody battle in the square outside the castle. Brandon and the members of his court ran outside, High Mage Kalimon had stabilized Lady Samantha, but she had fallen victim to the poison and lay in a deep coma. A copper symbol of two crossed feathers found on ‘Steward Kinsley’ identified her as a member of a defunct branch of the Thieves Guild once led by a man known only as Raven. With her final breath the doppleganger revealed the reason for the attack as revenge. She then transformed into fair and strong Eladrin woman, then reverted to her true form—dead.

The normally collected Brandon was outraged and asked our heroes to bring him the head of Raven. Our heroes calmed him, but swore they would help. Brandon apologized for his temper. Through some investigation it was revealed to our heroes that Raven had nearly stolen the heart of Lady Samantha. This caused much emnity between Brandon and Raven, but ALady Samantha was able to convince Brandon that a truce with the Thieves Guild was needed. Raven left the Vale, and the Thieves Guild became an instrumental part of the war effort. Something had happened to break the pact, and Brandon needs to know what.

It seems war against the King will have to wait.


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