The King Over Sea


Over a thousand years ago the first Human Empire went to war with the Dragonborn. Both cultures had mastered magic, and steel, and war. Entire cities were lost, lakes and rivers dried in arcane fire, mountains were sundered. No written record survived this time of strife. Ruins and artifacts from the Ancient Empires are rare and prized. What we do know, we know through the grace of His Majesty, The King Over Sea. His historians recorded for posterity the Blessing of his Arrival.

When both Man and Dragonborn were scattered to the wind, their bellies empty, and their children ill, He came. On a great ship over the Wenden Sea, He came. He unified the scattered tribes of men and pacified the Dragonborn. He laid the first stones of The Spire, the school of our greatest Mages. He planted the first seed of the Druidic Line, which protects us from the Darkness of the West. He made the lands of His Colony safe for all the Humanoid races.

After his Hundred Year Reign he departed for his home across the Wenden Sea. Here in the Colonies He created the post of the Grand Ambassador. His Majesty sends the Grand Ambassador as his chancellor to deliver us His Word. As Tribute for the Gifts of His Law we offer him Tithe. Every fifth year the lords of the Colonies deliver their gifts to the King’s Eye. The price of the Tithe is made known by the Grand Ambassador, for it is the Command of His Majesty, The King Over Sea. So it has gone for generations.

The King Over Sea

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