The Vale of Eréch

The Sewer

Our heroes push further into the guild hideout, routing a large group of bandits and their gnome leader as they attempt to flee.

Inside what appeared to be some sort of interrogation chamber was a dark one, a vile goat legged creature from the Shadowfell. Through the skillful use diplomacy, lies and intimidation the dark one revealed his employer – The King Over Sea!

According the the dark one the King Over Sea had charged him with ‘taking care of Raven’, and to then inform Raven’s Guild of Raven’s fate. The ensuing chaos would undoubtedly break the pact between Raven and Brandon, a fact the dark one seemed to care little about.

Our heroes also found a book that appeared to be a ledger written in some type of thieves cant. The ledger was full of instructions, jobs and inventory – all of which pointed our heroes to the village of Kleine.


Slaader Slaader

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