The Vale of Eréch

The Mighty Dragon of Kleine

The heroes encounter a lizardman ambush once they find the road. This is odd because the norther climate of this region should be inhospitable to lizardfolk.

Once our heroes arrive in Kleine they are met by the city guard and Councilman Baur. The outlying fields of Kleine have been destroyed by lizardfolk and orcs (seperate attacks but equally costly). They also find out that Lake Ostrel in the King’s Wood has reportedly been turned into a swamp by some dark magic.

They are introduced to Berthold Mallison, Paladin of Erathis, who has taken over as leader of what passes as the Kleine Militia.

In the morning it is revealed why Baur is skeptical of our heroes when another group of adventurer’s return with a special gift for the town. These heroes had been hired to investigate the swamp and provide defenses for the people of Kleine. Instead they brought back a baby black dragon which made short work of its cage, and shorter work of two of the ‘adventurers’.

Our heroes were able to defeat the dragon with no damage or loss of life to Kleine. They tell Berthold about the ruins they found and he indicates it may be a find of great importance. He alludes that ‘Dalen’ may have some connection to the last Emperor destroyed by the King Over the Sea. He leaves for the ruins immediately.


Slaader Slaader

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