The Vale of Eréch

Lost in the Wilderness

A swamp in the far north?

Our heroes hid themselves in the caravan of Princess Auren Delieen as it made its way east to Coldmarsh Keep. Once they were closer to the Rivertop Wood they made their way south towards Kleine.

They were surprised to find that the forest was unnaturally swampy, and became lost in the wilderness. After stumbling upon two vine horrors, they attempted to take refuge in some sort of underground tomb. After routing a small, but powerful, group of Wererats taking refuge in the tomb they were able to rest before moving on.

The tomb was made up of one long hall and only one room. At the end of the hall stood two statues, one which had been destroyed, the other was a very large and imposing statue of a dragonborn paladin adorned in a helm which invoked the holy symbol of Bane. On the stone sarcophogus inside there were several names worn away by vandalism and time, but the last line was legible: ap Dalen


Slaader Slaader

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